Angle Gauge

Angle Gauge

Angle Gauge for Gravure printing

PrimeBlade are now proud to offer a tool that helps gravure printers to better be able to know the set doctor blade angle.

The angle gauge is produced in a size that the operator can keep it in their pocket and is handy to use when changing doctor blades.

The PrimeBlade Angle Gauge comes in two sizes. One from circumference 300mm to 785mm and the other from circumference 785mm to >6.280mm.

The gauges are delivered in a plastic pouch for protection.



How to use

Just set the gauge base against the printing cylinder so it stands firmly onto it and move the gauge so the sharp points, at the blue bar base, touches the doctor blade where it is in contact with the printing cylinder.

Adjust the blue bar base so it gets in full contact on top of the doctor blade.
Now take the angle gauge out without moving the blue bar, see the scale matching your cylinder circumference and check the angle to the right of the blue bar.

Remember that the blade slightly bends from blade pressure, so set the blade 2-3 degrees higher than required.