About us

Our mission

Our mission is to make your job easier.

Today’s demands on quality and increased printing speeds, which includes more colors and finer details, is a challenge in the printing process. Doctor blades are used in the most sensitive part of the printing process where the end-result is determined, impacting whether or not the job will deliver on demands from brand owners.

The R&D team at PrimeBlade is constantly looking into new materials, different doctor blade production methods and what is around the corner in terms of future development. By continuously interacting with representatives from the printing industry, we have gained valuable information, which has led us to the decision to challenge industry conventions and deliver more of a total concept on a new and higher level. We have also defined and adapted how and when we deliver, handle technical issues, find the best solution for different print methods, develop products adopted for new challenges and how to be a strong partner.

A worry-free production, with high uptimes, creating less waste and keeping production teams happy is our goal. Looking into optimized profitability by using calculation tools for the best possible choice of products is a natural part of our method to achieve all this.

It is not the price; it is the cost!

Complete commitment is a promise to our customers. We are ready to meet and deliver on your challenges and we hope that you are too.

Our strategy

We work together with partners and printers to create a profitable set up, encourage to engage and challenge conventional that leads up to a worry-free production.

The unique Nano series is a developed with demands from the industry and shows how we work in partnership for new products that gives profitable results

• The aim of PrimeBlade Sweden AB is to develop and supply the best Doctor Blades on the market and where quality never will be compromised.

• We will support the printing and coating industry with the best steel material on the market and with new Doctor Blade solutions, to optimize the final printing and coating results.

• One key factor is to service our customers with technical support, advising when technical printing problems occur, on site services together with our agents around the world.

• With PrimeBlade Sweden AB you will always have a reliable partner, who will do the best to support our customers and partners around the world.

• It is our goal to grow globally with newly developed and innovative products whilst ensuring that our known high service remains unchanged.

Our founders: Kenth, Anja, Jonas, Allan & Arne.

The company was formed by a dedicated team with long experience from the printing, doctor blade and steel industry.

PrimeBlade Sweden AB was founded in 2009 by a team of dedicated and skilled people, with extensive experience from the printing and packaging industry.

A global sales network was set up by Kenth Sandström, where his background and history regarding Doctor Blades was an important factor.

With his background from the steel industry, Allan Lunnerfjord contributed with innovative ideas and products that were well received globally, culminating in the patented and award-winning Nano series.

The founding team, with different skills, along with dedicated operators in the production, together built a strong company with products that still are much appreciated in the printing and packaging arena. Now the success story continues

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