Costa Rica

Sima S.A.
200 Metros Sur Salón
Comunal La granja Palmares-Aljuela
Costa Rica

Ing. Jorge A. Badilla

Phone: (506) 2453-4004 / 2453-5029
Fax: (506) 2453-3869
Mobile phone: (506) 8380-4306

Our founders: Kenth, Anja, Jonas, Allan & Arne.

The company was formed by a dedicated team with long experience from the printing, doctor blade and steel industry.

PrimeBlade Sweden AB was founded in 2009 by a team of dedicated and skilled people, with extensive experience from the printing and packaging industry.

A global sales network was set up by Kenth Sandström, where his background and history regarding Doctor Blades was an important factor.

With his background from the steel industry, Allan Lunnerfjord contributed with innovative ideas and products that were well received globally, culminating in the patented and award-winning Nano series.

The founding team, with different skills, along with dedicated operators in the production, together built a strong company with products that still are much appreciated in the printing and packaging arena. Now the success story continues