We are very happy to welcome Mr. Ronny Eriksson to the PrimeBlade Sales Team.

Ronny will join us from January 5 and will be working with many of our agents around the world, to increase our technical sales support and growth.

I have been working at Brobygrafiska Utbildning (Broby Graphical Education) for 16 years, as a Technical Manager, responsible for all technical equipment and also giving support to students and staff within printing and packaging education. Earlier at the school I was a Project Manager responsible for EU-founded projects, where the projects aimed to develop the printing and prototype environment at Brobygrafiska Utbildning. I’m also in the board of directors at SweFlex, the Swedish Flexograpy Association, who aims to promote the flexographic business in Sweden, and I’m also in a working group looking on to start up a new umbrella organization for all the national flexographic associations within Europe, called FTA Europe.

All the best