Stainless Steel

PrimeBlade® 400 serie is a good choice of blade to use when corrosion is an issue. It has enhanced properties against rust problems when water based inks are used. Also very good against fast oxidation of the blade tip and abrasive conditions. It is produced with a refined particle microstructure and denser particle distribution. That helps to avoid steel particle contamination of the inking system and improves doctor blade life.
The steel is a hardened stainless steel and heat treated to reach our high quality standards.

PrimeBlade® Type 400 advantages

· Helps against corrosion problems
· Better wear resistance, longer blade life
· Finer particle release gives less ink contamination problems
· Better oxidation and abrasion resistance

Thickness: 0,15 mm – 0,38 mm (0,0059″ – 0,015″)

Straightness: 1,4 mm/3000 mm (0,055″/118″)

PrimeBlade® type 400

0,15mm thickness steel:
Tensile strength: 1900 N/mm²
Elongation: 7%
Hardness: 560 HV

C Si Cr Mo Mn
0.38% 0.45% 13.50% 1.0% 0.55%