PrimeBlade® 300



Carbon Steel

PrimeBlade® 300 serie is our basic, but very commonly used, type of carbon steel used at printing houses worldwide. The base steel material is made from genuine high quality Swedish steel. Together with our Swedish raw material supplier and end users, the doctor blade was produced to improve production quality, blade lifespan and to increase machine speeds. This thanks to the increased amount of carbides/µm² in the steel microstructure, compared to cheap and low quality carbon steel.

PrimeBlade® Type 300 advantages

· High quality genuine Swedish steel
· Very good wear resistance
· Low anilox and gravure cylinder wear
· A refined microstructure with a denser carbide formation, compared to other basic carbon steel types
· High print quality is achieved
· Long lifetime

Thickness: 0,076 mm – 0,38 mm (0,0030″ – 0,015″)

Straightness: 1,4 mm/3000 mm (0,055″/118″)

PrimeBlade® type 300

0,15mm thickness steel:
Tensile strength: 2030 N/mm²
Elongation: 5%
Hardness: 590-600HV

C Si Mn
1.00% 0.30% 0.40%