PrimeBlade® 800



Micro Alloyed Tool Steel

PrimeBlade 800 is a newly developed long life-blade material, for use by both flexo and gravure printers.

The microstructure of the PrimeBlade 800 steel consists of finely distributed small carbides, giving it an exceptional wear resistance and performance better than many alternatives.

PrimeBlade® Type 800 advantages

· High quality genuine Swedish steel
· Long life wear resistance
· Perfect towards abrasive inks, such as white inks etc.
· Because of the very small carbides, it breaks down in much smaller particles.
· High print quality, gives a cleaner wipe

Thickness: 0,15 mm – 0,20 mm (0,0059″ – 0,00787″)

Straightness: 1,0 mm/3000 mm (0,039″/118″)

0,15 mm thickness steel:

Tensile strength: 2100 N/mm²

Hardness: 620 HV

C Si Cr Mn Mo V
0.55% 1.00% 2.60% 0.75% 2.25% 0.85%