PrimeBlade® 700



Ceramic coated

The PrimeBlade® 700 series is our ceramic coated doctor blade, developed by combining our unique surface grinding and special surface treatment technology. This improves the coating adhesive bond and wear resistance compared to existing coated products. It can even be an alternative for PrimeBlade® 900 Nano I blade users, especially for rotogravure printers.

The high grade steel together with the special ceramic particle surface coating technology gives a very low doctor blade tip contact friction, enhanced lifetime, and gives an extraordinarily clean wipe. It reduces the brittleness and cracking risk in the ceramic coating area, and lessens the risk of blade damage due to mechanical impact. Also, due to the refined steel and extra fine ceramic particles used, it reduces the ink contamination that causes higher wear on chrome cylinders.

PrimeBlade Type 700 advantages:
• Longer life wear resistance
• Perfect for abrasive inks
• Reduced friction between the blade and the cylinder
• Optimized print quality
• Less adjustments of the doctor blade
• Reduced printing problems in gravure, such as lines, streaks and hazing
• Wears down in smaller particles

• 0,15 mm – 0,20 mm
• Straightness: 1,0 mm/3000 mm
• Hardness: 850 – 900 HV (coated surface only)
• Different blade edge profiles