PrimeBlade Agent Meeting 2015
August 20-23, Sunne, Sweden

We had the pleasure to have the second PrimeBlade Agent Meeting in Sunne, two years back we were in Pattaya/Thailand.

Naturally we are very proud do to have our agents & partners from North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia, to take the time to spend some interesting and important days with us.

The main focus was on the production facilities, education, new developments and future activities on the different markets.
We were also blessed with an amazing weather, which made the evening and outdoor activities so much easier.

Many thanks from the PrimeBlade Team.
Kenth, Allan, Jonas, Anja, Ronny, Arne & Maria
PrimeBlade and SYI in South Korea PrimeBlade and UZE in Turkey PrimeBlade BBQ evening by the lake PrimeBlade BBQ evening eating PrimeBlade BBQ evening in Rottneros PrimeBlade BBQ evening late night PrimeBlade BBQ evening sunset PrimeBlade BBQ evening PrimeBlade Crayfish party PrimeBlade Crayfish welcome