PrimeBlade Sweden AB is now releasing the second and third development stages of the 900 Nano series.

In year 2011, PrimeBlade Sweden AB released the revolutionary new doctor blade, the 900 Nano I. This new patented Nano treated doctor blade made a success as a long life doctor blade on the market. Mainly through its low friction properties, steel strength, enhanced blade life and excellent wipe, and that it is not brittle as many other coated blade types. Also the reduced environmental effect in the production stage, compared to coated doctor blades, was surely a part of the success.

PrimeBlade Sweden AB are proud to present the 900 Nano II and 900 Nano III

The 900 Nano II doctor blade is produced mainly for the water based ink users, users of acidic ink types and for the corrugated printers, but also for longer doctor blade life. The 900 Nano II blade is based on the refined PrimeBlade 500 stainless steel blade and then Nano treated. It has the same benefits as the Nano I blade, but even better blade life and corrosion resistance.

One of the 900 Nano III doctor blade advantages is the base material. It is based on our PrimeBlade 800 Refined Micro Alloy Tool steel. Already the base material has a very good wear resistance. And when Nano treated it gets blade life closely comparable to full ceramic coated doctor blades, but without the brittleness and cracking risks associated to them. And, of course, also at a much more favorable price. The 900 Nano III doctor blade also has the same other benefits as the 900 Nano I and II. It is an excellent doctor blade for white, metallic and other highly abrasive ink types which today shortens the doctor blade life, and long runs.

Today many of the printers are looking for solutions that will increase productivity, printing quality and reduce downtime, thus improving the financial bottom line. PrimeBlade 900 Nano series will be a part of that solution.

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Phone: +46 72 2010801