PrimeBlade is now a proud member of PLFTA, the Polish Chamber of Flexographers.


Stage 1 – Association of Polish Flexographers:

was established in 1995 on the initiative of the flexographic environment as an open nationwide organization representing the interests of voluntary organizations involved in: production and printing services using flexographic technique, trade in products and means for flexographic production, production and servicing of used machinery and equipment, provision consultancy services and staff training for the above-mentioned market segment.

Stage 2 – Polish Chamber of Flexisers

was founded in 19.9.2012 and continues the activity of the Polish Fleksograph Association

raising the level of knowledge about flexography among members of the organization, as well as in the professional environment,
Action for the development of specialized-flexographic education,
Promotion of Polish flexography,
Dissemination of flexographic knowledge within the industry website and information about entities operating on this market
Integrating the environment and increasing the number of PIF members

First and second (and only) in Poland “Handbook of Flexography”
scientific and technical conferences
professional seminars
vocational training (open and in-house)
Flexographic Forum (conference + exhibition) since 2003
Contests “The Great Flexographic Award – Grand Prix in flexo
Participation in trade fairs in the country and abroad

Training for flexographs,
Training for representatives of companies ordering a flexographic service in a printing house,
Participation in seminars and the Flexographic Forum (active and passive),
Technical expertises, appraisal of equipment,
Technical translations in the field of flexography,
Technical and technological consultations including the preparation and launching of flexographic production.