Victor Tihomirov Prime Solutions Group

Feedback from our partner in Russia about 700 serie for rotogravure printers

During last week we received some feedback from our partner in Russia, Prime Solution Group, about the feedback they are getting from rotogravure printers in Russia who are starting up and using our ceramic coated doctor blade.

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PrimeBlade Solar Panels 2020-10

Reduced environment impact

Our solar panels has now been running for a couple of months, producing electricity for us, and for the community. 
During this short period we have been able to save on our CO2 foot print, by equivalent of 74,742km by car.  

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Bartek Kaplan Head

Head of R&D

Head of R&D
We are very pleased to announce that we now have a new colleague at PrimeBlade in Sunne, Dr. Bartek Kaplan.

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New distributor for Peru

We are very happy to welcome OTI Tech S.A.C. as our new distributor in Peru. We really looking forward to support them to be an important player on the market.

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AniloxGraf logo

New distributor for Chile

Today we are very happy to Welcome AniloxGraf as our new dealer in Chile.

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Solar Energy

PrimeBlade invests further to reduce it’s environment impact.

We have already invested in geothermal heating to heat up our plant. Today we are happy to inform that we are investing in solar panels through the company Re-Volt AB to further reduce our environment impact.

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Full Production Covid19 Information


We would like to inform all, that even during this difficult situation with COVID-19 that PrimeBlade is running with full production capacity. 

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Lunch initiative during COVID-19

Lunch challenge

Support our/your local companies, shops, restaurants.

At PrimeBlade we offer Friday lunches from our local restaurants, for the whole PrimeBlade team. We support different local restaurants every Friday, to support as many of the local restaurants as possible.

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Drupa 2021 Logo PrimeBlade

Meet PrimeBlade at Drupa 2021

Join PrimeBlade at Drupa 2021, April 20-30, 2021 in Düsseldorf.

Visit our stand for information, discussions and cooperation.

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