PrimeBlade is today proud to announce that Soléflex Importação Distribuição e Logística Ltda, will be a new partner on the Brazilian market.

Contact details can be found via this link:

About Soléflex
Soléflex emerged in 1996 with the goal of providing customers with products that bring better results in productivity and quality.

Believing that being flexible is to be able to change and adapt to a new situation, have been constantly extending its structure and its service capacity to make the Brazilian flexographic market better and more competitive.

The evolution of flexography in Brazil and in the world requires quick responses, and prompt delivery becomes vital for the full existence and competitiveness of enterprises. Aware of this trend, Soléflex has certified and proven quality products, with agile control of its all distribution logistics and modern processes.

The quality of inputs and technologies involved, make flexography one of the most versatile systems and a print process that best reflects the inventiveness of the human being. The knowledge and continuous improvement of all processes involved in flexography, makes Soléflex Group one of the most prepared to provide quality technical support.

Innovate is to enable efficiencies in production, administrative and / or financial processes to enhance competitiveness. Innovation is a key factor in the economic growth of a society.

So is Soléflex: flexible, dynamic, prepared and innovative.

Know our products and services and enable new business for your company.