The Nano series is a unique range of doctor blades with enhanced properties, produced using our patented Nano treatment.

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The process induces changes in the steel that provide reduced wear and thus longer lifetime, as well as improved surface quality. This is achieved in an environmentally friendly and safe process, free from the hazardous chemicals typically used for producing, e.g., coated blades.


Made from recycled material

100% recyclable after use

Environmentally friendly treatment, free from hazardous chemicals

Long-life solution, less waste in printing

Controlled process

Shipped in new boxes. 10% less packaging material used.

Boxes are 100% recyclable from controlled source

Geothermal heating and solar panels support the process in the factory

Nano X-tended release

Produced to stock.

Laser engraved with PrimeBlade logo and instruction.

Will be produced with standard edge profiles.

Less confusion about blade profile specifications.

What is it?

Scientifically optimized Nano process.

New equipment installed and operational.

Intentional and constant surface color – no variations.

Less variation in performance from batch to batch.

New concept – produced to stock.

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Which product?

Which product?