Mr. Jonas Andersson will be present at the Miller Graphics Flexo Forum 2016, August 30th – September 1st in Sunne, Sweden to talk about Nano+.

What is so special with the PrimeBlade 900 Nano+?

The unique patented treatment process of the blades has been modified, both during the treatment process and the treatment particles used. Now the treatment is also made deeper into the base material to create a better durability and strength.

The new treatment will give even better blade life and performance than the standard PrimeBlade 900 Nano blades. The PrimeBlade 900 Nano+ doctor blades flex or bend less, to keep the optimum contact angle against the anilox or printing cylinder. This will create the perfect wipe condition. It will also help more against the common problems in flexo printing as back doctoring and ink spitting.

For the UV-ink users, the 900 Nano+ blades will also be less affected from the “heavy viscose” UV-ink, and give a cleaner wipe. The corrugated printers will see an improved lifetime in the highly abrasive environment they are working in.

Today many of the printers are looking for solutions that will increase productivity, printing quality and reduce downtime, thus improving the financial bottom line. PrimeBlade 900 Nano and 900 Nano+ series will be a part of that solution.