During last week we received some feedback from our partner in Russia, Prime Solution Group, about the feedback they are getting from rotogravure printers in Russia who are starting up and using our ceramic coated doctor blade.

Most of printers inevitably try to find ways to save their money therefore expensive doctor blade never looks like a good idea from the first sight.

The first feedback is usually like “I do not think results can be as outstanding as its price”.

But after trials (it took several months in some cases) it was clear that doctor blade lifetime and quality of the print excess any other alternatives.

Our first 750- customer tried all possible blades to find the best one for the most problematic designs printed with aggressive inks. Miracle tool was discovered when ceramic blade from PrimeBlade Sweden delivered perfect print quality.

The second customer tried all coated Doctor Blades in the market and finally has switched all his gravure presses for PrimeBlade 750 in 2019, and still uses it for 100% of the jobs.

Keeping the same speed, they reduced production waste down to 0%.

Three more printers prefer increasing speed, lifetime and improving quality with our ceramic blades since the end of last year.

At the moment we have 5 printers using 750 unique solution for rotogravure. We expect more printers to join the ‘club’ this year.

Victor Tihomirov
Prime Solutions Group
St. Petersburg, Russia

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